Congratulations to Moldova’s New Social Role Valorization Educators

Congratulations to the graduates of our Social Role Valorization Master Class! Seven of Keystone’s human service professionals in Moldova participated in the Master Class, where they learned to teach a brief one-day introduction to Social Role Valorization (SRV).

The Master Class is part of an education development initiative to teach human service professionals in Moldova how to teach brief SRV workshops to colleagues, local public authorities, families, and new program staff. The principles of Social Role Valorization form the foundation of all of Keystone Human Services’ community-based services and supports for men, women and children with disabilities. Betsy Neuville, the executive director of the Keystone Institute and a credentialed educator of SRV, served as the coach and mentor for the participants in the Master Class.

The principles of SRV require serious study and practice in order to teach, and the Master Class provided human service professionals with the opportunity to develop their teaching skills. On the first day, each participant prepared a section of a short SRV workshop and presented it to their peers, co-trainers and senior trainer. Each presentation was followed by a round-table discussion among the group to provide the presenter with immediate feedback. The presenter then had the opportunity to re-work their presentation, incorporating the suggestions of their peers. Each presentation was videotaped to give the presenters the opportunity for self-review and critique for improvement.

On the second day of the Master Class, participants presented a one-day overview of SRV, “Natural Pathways to the Good Life – A One Day Introduction to Social Role Valorization,” for social workers, new community home staff, allied organizations and family members, under the overall coaching and guidance of Betsy.

The Master Class, including the workshop, was very successful. The graduates worked hard to create and practice a standardized format for SRV, and they even developed their own curriculum. “I am so impressed with the hard work and talent of this group,” said Betsy. “I look forward to assisting them to work toward teaching the more advanced materials and workshops, and connecting them to other leaders and educators of SRV.”

Graduates include Sergiu Toma, Tatiana Zavtoni-Oprea, Oksana Costandaki, Ecaterina Golovatii, Eliza Caus, Nelea Panfil, and Elizaveta Stratulat. These men and women join Nicolae Besliu, the Family Support Services Manager for the Community for All-Moldova Program as Moldova’s first generation of SRV educators.

Requests for training and workshops in Social Role Valorization are increasing, as more individuals and regions of the world begin exploring the principles of SRV and supporting individuals with disabilities to lead “the good life” as active participants in the community.

One graduate, Eliza Caus, will join Betsy in Antalya, Turkey in October to assist with an SRV workshop for the Open Society Mental Health Initiative (OSMHI) project partners. Workshop attendees will be coming from 13 different countries to increase their knowledge about supporting individuals with disabilities to lead full lives in their communities. 

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